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Best Apps and Websites for Improvement

Working on your game does not always means that you need to be at the course. There is a lot that you can learn by going online and reading about how to improve your swing, how to attempt different types of shots and best practices. Here are some sites, channels, and info we think you should read to become a better golfer: 


Hudl Technique

Hudl Technique is an application that lets you record your swing in slow motion and analyze it with various tools. This is a free application and one that our coaches use to record your swing and analyze it. This is one of the more powerful apps that exists for watching your swing and improving it. This is a must have if you want to improve your game quickly and see your progress. Use this application with knowledge from the Golf Distillery Website and your game will begin to quickly improve. 



Golf Distillery

This is one of the simplest sites where you can get tons of helpful information regarding swing tips, errors, thoughts, tweaksand terminology. Each lesson has videos and illustrated descriptions for improvements and problems. Use this in combination with Hudl Technique App above and your game will improve. 

Golf WRX (Works)

There are all kinds of helpful things on this site. There is current golf news, product reviews, and one of the more helpful things is the forum. 

Youtube Channels:

Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard

Me and My Golf

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