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Swing Coaches

If you are serious about getting better at golf we highly suggest that you get an individual swing coach. Swing coaches are people who know a lot about swing improvement and correct ball striking. These coaches are able to really work with you specifically to make sure that you are swinging more consistent and provide yourself with better opportunities to score. Being coached in our team environment means that we are working with all players to get better but might not be able to work with you for an hour straight devoting all of our attention to you. In our practice schedule we have time for you to meet with a swing coach if you have one. There are many coaches in the Los Angeles area, but below are ones that we recommend and trust that you will become the best player after working with them. We are lucky to have some of the greatest coaches here in the Santa Clarita Valley. 


Zach Allen:

Zach coaches at Vista Valencia Golf Course, his indoor facility, and at Debell Golf Course. Zach has had a child in our program and is a big supporter of Hart Golf.  

Les Johnson:

Les coaches at Valencia Country Club. Les has had a child in our program and is a big supporter of Hart Golf.  

Club Fitters & Regripping

While a decent set of clubs will help your game, making sure that your clubs are fit to your swing is very important so that you can make consistent contact. Working with a club fitter who knows how to adjust clubs properly will help you make more consistent contact with your swing and will improve the distance and accuracy of your game. We recommend using the following club fitter: 


David Cape:

David is a Hart Golf Alumni (Class of 2004) and played golf collegiately at College of the Canyons and Ohio State University. He has been building clubs since 2005 and has been a master builder for several manufacturers and companies before starting his own business in Santa Clarita. 

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