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One of the best ways to take your game to the next level is to play in tournaments. If you are interested in improving your game as well as getting exposure to some college coaches then playing in tournaments will be very important. We have the benefit of playing in the team environment during our season and Southern California athletes get plenty of interest from colleges all over the United States because we can play golf year round. 

There are many opportunities to participate in tournaments for players of all levels, here are some of the organizations that host junior tournaments throughout Southern California:

Southern California PGA (SCPGA):

American Junior Golf Association (AJGA):

Los Angeles County Junior Golf Program:

If you have younger siblings (Age 5-14) interested in tournaments then they can try looking at the U.S. Kids Golf Foundation for golf tournaments. It is never too early to start playing competitive golf. 

U.S. Kids Golf Foundation:

(This link will take to you to the Los Angeles Chapter, but there are two other tours in Orange County and Santa Barbara as well)

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