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Off-Season Golf

If you are interested in participating in our off-season golf program you need to speak with Coach Lindberg and Coach Vincent. We have off-season opportunities for both boys and girls. When you participate in the off-season program you will be practicing at the golf course and communicating with our coaches daily. Since the boys and girls seasons are on different semesters the coaches will still be at the course while you work on improving your game. The off-season program can count as PE credits and you will receive a grade for participating. You will be required to keep a practice log and talk with the coaches about your practice plan. You will need to participate in at least three Junior Tournaments during the semester. 

Boys Off-Season: Fall Semester

Girls Off-Season: Spring Semester

For more information about Junior Tournaments click here. 

To contact our coaches about the off-season golf program/sign-up click here.

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